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As a developer of legal services (advocacy and legal advice) in the country, Dadorzan Lawyers Group has tried to maintain its mission of providing legal services to the society at the highest quantitative and qualitative level.
The establishment of the group has had a tremendous impact on the development of legal services, and due to the creation of a competitive environment in the supply of legal services, it has led to an increase in the level of public access to legal services and has enabled the realization of Article 35 of the Constitution.
We believe in full time transformation and development.

Legal consultation with a lawyer

Specialized legal advice, provision of legal advice in various family, criminal, real estate, companies, divorce and other issues by a lawyer.

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Legal issues can arise for anyone, as you know doing things without sufficient information can cause problems, so you should contact an expert legal advisor. Some legal cases are very complex and you need to consult an expert legal advisor. A legal advisor is a person who, with sufficient skills and information, can help individuals in companies, offices and other places in the legal field. Many problems in families or in the community are solved by a person experienced and aware of the rules. Sometimes people are reluctant to share their problems with those around them, and this can lead to hasty or emotional decisions. If you are one of those people who never discuss your problems with others, you need an advisor; one who can help you make the most important decisions of your life. This person could be a stranger advisor who is unaware of your family. Having an advisor can always save you from ignorance and give you enough information. In the legal field, due to the expansion of civil law and the existence of various articles of the law, no ordinary person can help you, unless you are informed of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the help of an expert legal advisor and legal advice and take the necessary actions in accordance with the rules. Contact us for more information on how to contact legal advice.

Duties of the best legal advisor

Now, we try to acquaint you with the best legal advisor, field of duties and activities of such a person. You may not know who is a good legal advisor and who to choose for advice. Wherever you live in Iran, by entering the website of the Lawyers group of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh (, you can contact the best and most experienced legal advisors and ask them for guidance. In the following, we will introduce you the duties of a good legal advisor as well as his personal characteristics.

Specialized legal, criminal and family counseling

Acceptance of advocacy in legal, criminal, family cases

Examining and studying the case in the courts of justice and commenting by the lawyers of the group

Setting up all types of correct legal contracts according to the lawsuits in the courts

Drafting petitions, complaints and legal bills

Expert representation in the Supreme Court and appeals courts by experienced lawyers
Tehran office address – Pasdaran – Behestan 5 – No. 2 – 09192329787
Mashhad office address – Qarani 32 Mojta Khatam Unit 8 – 09155446729 – 05146224091

Who is a legal advisor?

In order to have a good legal advice, you must first be able to find a best legal advisor. Of course, every person in the life needs to defend his rights, sometimes people due to lack of information and experience cannot, so the need for a legal advisor will be felt. In fact, a legal advisor is a person who, with sufficient skills and information, can help people in companies, offices and other places in the legal field. He must be able to analyze issues well and his decisions should be based on law and awareness. Advanced and large offices and companies need specialized legal advisors.

Today, with the complexity of organizational and personal relationships, there are various problems and challenges in most organizations, so that people will need more than ever legal experts or legal advisors. The field of activity of lawyers has many details and twists, and without the necessary knowledge, the rights of an individual or an organization may be lost. A legal advisor should have up-to-date and comprehensive information on legal and criminal issues and be able to analyze them well. These issues include family and criminal lawsuits, which often require further guidance from a legal advisor.

بهترین مشاور حقوقی

The best legal advisor

Now that you are familiar with the concept of legal advisor, it’s good to know what a legal advisor should do to become the best legal advisor, or what steps should actually be taken that a consultation is well done and the issues and challenges are easily solved. It is important to know that counseling from family and friends is not a good legal advice at all, legal counseling must have an agreement between the lawyer and the client and the lawyer can advise his client according to the law. A lawyer should provide legal information to individuals and have full control over the client’s legal process. Any issue that arises, legal advisor should gather complete information and use them as part of the law. Legal advice is involved in legal and criminal matters and can be involved in immigration, administration, international and trade. A good lawyer should work in the following areas of activity:

Transactions and contracts matters

A legal advisor should draft the text of the contracts and control their articles. If necessary, it should inform the people about the effects and conditions in each section. Legal advice can also be in property transactions, including sales or mortgages and rentals. It will also help people in various family matters such as custody, divorce, dowry and alimony.

Criminal and lawsuits matters

Legal adviser can prepare the bills needed to pursue lawsuits and give advice to individuals. If a person has a license to advocacy, he can personally accept the case and take action on it. A legal adviser can also play an important role in various criminal matters such as embezzlement, murder, betrayal of trust, fraud, bad checks and forgery. After being advised by a legal advisor, you can go to a lawyer and take the necessary legal action.

The difference between legal advisor and advocacy

With the definition of legal advisor and the scope of legal advice, you may ask what the difference is between legal advisor and a lawyer. In fact, it should be said that a lawyer is a person who handles the process of your case and follows it in the judicial or administrative courts. He is an advocate for the rights of individuals in the judiciary. But legal advisor is more organizational or personal that tells you the status of the case and its terms and situation. He will give you legal advice based on the procedure and related laws and provide good legal solutions to your problems.

مشاور حقوقی خوب

A good legal advisor

Now that you are familiar with the concept and areas of activity of an experienced legal advisor, it is better to have information about the duties of this person to know who the best legal advisor is and what his duties are. In this section, we will review the duties of a legal advisor. We will explain the duties of an educated legal advisor to you:

Providing the necessary advice to employees and managers

Guiding managers in choosing a good lawyer

Handling administrative and legal complaints and lawsuits

Doing legal affairs related to auctions and tenders

Collecting information to defend the rights of the organization in the judiciary

Performing tasks related to registration, document, changes and liquidation in companies

Preparing texts of contracts of organizations and companies and supervising their process

Reviewing and collecting the information needed to prepare the articles of association, instructions and laws of the companies

Click here for more information on the features of a good legal advisor.

Online consultation

These days, due to the advancement of science and technology and internet world and virtual world, many things are done online. In the case of legal advice, it is also possible to communicate online. Online counseling allows people to take advantage of the guidance of an expert, wherever and whenever they are. Many people, when they have a problem, tend to consult a lawyer and a specialist consultant before filing a lawsuit or complaint to avoid any problem. They prefer to use the experience information of legal advisers to take the necessary steps for the case themselves.

The Legal Institute of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh, with its basic lawyers and an experienced team of legal advisers, can answer your questions online. The Legal Group of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh is composed of the best and most specialized legal advisors, and this legal group is ready to provide a variety of legal services.

Accepting advocacy of legal cases with the best legal advisor

The various challenges and problems that arise in families or in organizations and companies have led people to refer to a person who specializes in legal fields. Legal advice is one of the most thoughtful things people should do before taking any action. You may be in big trouble with complaining arbitrarily, so it is best to consult a specialist. These days, raise problems and guide counselors online has been possible, and people can contact legal counselors through internet or by phone and ask them for guidance.

مشاور حقوقی چه کمکی به ما می کند؟

How a legal advisor helps us

A good legal advisor should have sufficient knowledge of the rules and procedures and well informed the people in the legal field. This person must act with full awareness and justice and be able to provide legal advice and excellent solutions to individuals. Legal advice can help with corporate affairs such as document preparation, company liquidation, regulation the articles of association. Having a good legal advisor can pave the way for you and also be a good lawyer. Now you will know who a legal advisor is and what his duties are. You also knew the areas of activity of these people. Now, if you need to consult with experienced people and skilled experts in the process of a case, contact the Legal Institute of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh.

The Legal Institute of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh

The experts of the Legal Institute of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh are ready to answer you every day. What is important in the group of Dadvarzane solh va sazesh is your satisfaction. This team has the most experienced lawyers and best legal advisors. Just click here. Also, for easy communication with legal advice and more familiarity contact us through Instagram.

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